girl with missing tooth Some children can’t wait for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. This mythical creature has been around for centuries, leaving notes and even money under the pillows of toothless kids. However, even the enticement of a tiny fairy that flies around and gives change or dollar bills isn’t enough for those who are fearful of the idea of losing a tooth. To help your little one overcome their fear and instead get excited about their new smile, here are 3 ways to make saying goodbye to baby teeth less scary.

Make the Tooth Fairy Exciting

If your child has yet to learn much about the Tooth Fairy, this is your time to build her up into something truly exciting. There are countless books about the idea of a small, beautiful fairy leaving money under kids’ pillows.

By reminding your child that each tooth they lose gets them closer to being able to buy that special toy or game, they might find it to be quite exciting when one or more of their teeth begin to wiggle.

Make Losing a Tooth a Celebratory Event

Yes, your child will lose a lot of teeth within a few short years, but if you want to make sure they do not fear these occurrences, give them a reason to celebrate. While it doesn’t have to be extravagant, explain to them that each time they lose a tooth, you will take them for ice cream or to a movie.

You can base their celebration on what your child likes to do, so the possibilities are endless. Each time one becomes loose, you may find that they become eager to cash in on their favorite meal, ice cream flavor, or upcoming superhero flick.

As the Parent, Remain Calm

If your child knows that you’re anxious, they will be too. While you might hate to see these precious baby teeth go, it’s a part of life. You know it must happen, and you also know it’s likely to be a painless process. Even if your brother slammed the door to pull one of your loose ones out, there’s no need to share that bit of information with your little one.

Instead, build up his event with positive words and excitement. Reassure your child that there is nothing to fear but that losing baby teeth is something everyone goes through.

Using one or more of these tips will have you seeing a change in your child as they move through this phase of life. Before you know it, you’ll hear an excited voice running through the house, alerting you that the Tooth Fairy will be coming for a visit.

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