Bye, Bye Baby Teeth

When will my child lose their first tooth?


 We all know that baby teeth have to go sometime in order for new, permanent teeth to grow in, but you might be wondering when exactly it’s normal for a child to lose their first tooth. If your child’s baby teeth came in early, you can usually expect them to lose them early too.

The front two bottom teeth typically fall out first, followed by the two top front teeth. Children usually start losing their teeth between ages five and seven, but wiggly teeth at 4-years-old isn’t uncommon. Keep in mind, children develop at different rates but there are some patterns. For example, girls tend to lose their teeth earlier than boys. If your child does start losing their teeth early (4-years-old or younger), check to make sure there are no signs of trauma or tooth decay. Otherwise, early emerging permanent teeth are likely to be pushing them out. If your child still hasn’t started to lose their baby teeth by age seven, you might want to consider consulting your dentist.

If your child’s tooth is loose, don’t feel like you have to yank it out. If a tooth is forcefully pulled out before it’s ready, your child might develop an infection. Let the tooth fall out on its own if possible. If the tooth is ready and your child wants it removed, use a piece of gauze to gently twist the tooth out. It’s likely that children will continue to loosen the tooth on their own by wiggling it, which is perfectly healthy. Just make sure their hands are clean and they’re brushing twice a day!

Once your child begins to lose their teeth it will take about six years for all their baby teeth to fall out and be replaced with permanent adult teeth. Make sure to take extra care once your child’s permanent teeth grow in as permanent teeth problems typically mean permanent and costly dental work!

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