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Happy young girl at appointment for laser dentistry in ScottsdaleThe conventional way to treat many oral problems involves a drill or a scalpel to remove damaged or excessive tissue. While such instruments are certainly effective, they aren’t particularly comfortable for patients. For kids in particular, the sensations, smells, and sounds of traditional tools can be intimidating. Fortunately, innovations in technology have provided us with WaterLase laser dentistry. This blog post delves into how this remarkable device can help your child enjoy an easy and efficient dental care experience.

What Is the WaterLase Laser?

Hard and soft tissue lasers have been in use in dentistry for many years now. A typical laser uses a highly focused beam of light to perform various procedures. The WaterLase also uses a focused beam of light, but it does so along with water. The combination of water and light energy is able to operate on both hard and soft tissues in the mouth without causing a lot of heat or discomfort.

Benefits of WaterLase Dentistry

Some of the top benefits of the WaterLase device include:

  • It is much quieter than a traditional drill, which can make the dental care experience much less frightening for children.
  • The laser is incredibly precise, which means that as little healthy tissue as possible is affected during procedures. This leads to a more comfortable treatment and a quicker recovery.
  • Lasers produce little to no bleeding.
  • There is very little risk of infection with laser procedures. In fact, the laser kills bacteria that it comes into contact with.
  • Often, treatments performed with a laser are painless (or nearly so), meaning that injections of local anesthesia may be unnecessary. This can be a huge advantage for kids who tend to become frightened or nervous at the prospect of getting a shot.

What Is the WaterLase Laser Used For?

The WaterLase laser can be used for almost any procedure that a pediatric dentist would traditionally use a scalpel or drill to perform. A couple of the most common treatments it can be utilized for include:

  • Cavity treatment. Treating cavities involves removing decayed tissue from inside a tooth. The WaterLase laser can do so quickly, precisely, and comfortably.
  • Lip and tongue tie treatment. When the tissue between the lip and gums, or between the tongue and floor of the mouth, restricts movement, it is often necessary to cut that tissue to restore proper oral function. The WaterLase can accomplish this with practically no bleeding and a remarkably fast recovery time.

The WaterLase laser is changing the way children — and their parents — think about dentistry! Visit a practitioner who uses this remarkable device to learn more about it.

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Dr. Veronica Martinez is an experienced pediatric dentist in Scottsdale, AZ. She has a passion for serving young smiles, and she is always looking for new technologies to invest in. The WaterLase laser is among the many advanced instruments that she uses to help her patients enjoy easy and stress-free treatment. To learn more about it or Dr. Martinez, call our practice at 480-282-6746.

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